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Seismic vibrator trucks (aka “thumper trucks”) send shockwaves deep into the earth’s subsurface to locate untapped hydrocarbon reserves for the Oil & Gas industry.  These shock/soundwaves reflect back to the surface, where they are picked up and recorded by geophones. This seismic data is later imaged with advanced software (think: ultrasounds) and analyzed by geologists who advise oil companies on where to drill for oil reserves. Not surprisingly, high-quality seismic data is mission-critical. Geophysical surveys can cost $50,000 or more per-square-mile depending on the territory, and multi-million dollar projects—sometimes billion dollar projects—are ultimately on the line. In short, there’s no tolerance or margin for error in this industry. Thumper trucks are intricate machines, however, powered by complex hydraulic and mechanical systems. To generate the massive force necessary for a controlled and effective sound blast (for perspective, dynamite used to be the preferred method for this), all equipment must be highly…
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Would you like to save your plant $1,000,000 this year? PSI’s award-winning Repairable Asset Control (RAC®) service offers on-site management of MRO parts and manufacture of obsolete/legacy components.