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Thursday, 05 June 2014

How We Fix Damaged PCBAs

-- And Why We’re Better Than The Next Circuit Board Repair Shop No matter what brand or board type you’re working with, it’s impossible to escape the reality that PCBs are inherently failure-prone. Planning for when, rather than if, your circuit boards will malfunction is an approach that reduces costs and relieves future headaches. Shipping out your faulty PCBA for service can be stressful when you’re on a tight production schedule and board failure has already led to downtime, but it pays to have practiced technicians discover the root cause of a circuit board’s failure and analyze the extent of its damage. In addition to physical damage to the circuit card, like cracks and corrosion, discrete and power components can deteriorate for a wide range reasons, including extreme heat, over/under voltage surges and sags, and age; contaminants like grime and dust are also frequent sources of trace damage. Contacting a…
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Who Should You Call When Your Wind Turbine Production Equipment Fails? The clock starts ticking the moment a wind turbine stops working. Wind turbine efficiency is evaluated in terms of minutes (of production up/downtime) and dollars (spent on after-sales services as a result of system failure). As far as the bottom line is concerned, individual equipment failures and their root causes are moot points. To maximize efficiency, the ideal wind farm would have in-house resources and know-how to conduct all necessary tests and repairs to restore turbines to full working order. To supplement these capabilities, the wind farm manager works hand-in-hand with OEMs of their turbine equipment to ensure fast turnaround and affordable replacement parts. Economic realities make this scenario totally unrealistic for most wind farms. The manpower and financial resources associated with running a wind farm and operations and maintenance (O&M) team are cost-prohibitive. Regarding OEMs, it’s important to…
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Would you like to save your plant $1,000,000 this year? PSI’s award-winning Repairable Asset Control (RAC®) service offers on-site management of MRO parts and manufacture of obsolete/legacy components.