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Faulty Wind Turbine Electronics Systems are Mostly to Blame The potential: 35% by 2050 Alternative energy skeptics are keen to point out wind energy only made up 5% of total electricity generation in the United States in 2015; a mere “drop in the bucket.” While it’s true the power generated by wind energy and other sustainable sources is dwarfed by that of fossil fuels, it’s also a mistake to overlook the boom the wind energy industry has experienced in the past decade. Demand for sustainable wind energy in the U.S. has grown an average of 22% per year since 2007. 50,000 wind turbines currently generate 75,000 MW of energy across the country, powering over 20 million American homes per year. Consider that a very large “drop in the bucket”. Granted, this industry is young compared to coal, natural gas, and nuclear but large-scale investment in wind energy didn’t begin in earnest…
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