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PSI Subsidiaries

PSI Repair Services RACPSI Semicon Services Sciaky Inc.

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PSI Repair Services is a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI), a privately-held global manufacturing and services holding company. PSI subsidiaries include PSI Repair Services, PSI Semicon Services, and Sciaky, Inc. These companies design and manufacture high-tech products and systems, as well as provide cost-effective repair, integration, and other support services to Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. They serve a wide range of high-tech industries like aerospace, defense, automotive/transportation, alternative energy, healthcare, oil and gas, commercial goods, security and semiconductor. Together, PSI and its subsidiaries push the boundaries of technology on critical aerospace, military, and homeland security programs, and deliver innovative solutions for land, sea, air and space.

Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

Actuators, Ball Screws, Advanced Welding Systems & Services, Industrial Component Repair, and Repair of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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Would you like to save your plant $1,000,000 this year? PSI’s award-winning Repairable Asset Control (RAC®) service offers on-site management of MRO parts and manufacture of obsolete/legacy components.