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Electronic Repair

Nobody Gets to the Root Cause of Electronic Component Performance Issues Better Than PSI

Electronic Repair
PSI Circuit Board Repair
Industrial Electronics Repair Services - PSI Repair

Of all the good reasons to choose PSI for your electronic repairs, perhaps none is more important than our extensive array of test and diagnostic tools. When you select PSI to repair your electronic components, they are thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed using advanced test equipment and proprietary software techniques. Your electronic components are then repaired by our trained, conscientious electronics technicians, who have been certified in ESD and IPC electronics repair and rework standards. After the repair is completed, your component is 100% functionality tested to guarantee repair integrity.

PSI’s Diagnosys PinPoint Systems are the latest universal in-circuit test equipment available. When coupled with proprietary serial testing techniques and surface-mount handling equipment, PSI can repair even the most advanced microprocessor or digital signal processor circuits. Call us with your repair questions—we've got answers. Contact us now for a quote at 800-325-4774.

PSI Offers:

  • Printed Circuit Board Repairs
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Repairs
  • CNC Control Repairs
  • NC Control Repairs
  • Welder Control Repairs
  • Industrial Control Repairs
  • Electronic Terminal Repairs
  • Electronic Display Repairs
  • Fastening System Repairs
  • Bar Code Reader Repairs
  • Timer Repairs
  • Light Curtain Repairs
  • Gate Turn-Off Thyristor (GTO) Repairs
  • Inverter Repairs
  • H-bridge (a.k.a. hub converter) Repairs
  • Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistor (IGBT) Repairs
  • Capacitor Bank Repairs

Electronic Component Upgrades and Remanufacturing Services

PSI offers upgrade services to improve failure-prone electronics through the use of newer, more reliable parts or full circuit redesign. We also design and manufacture replacement parts for obsolete items.

High-Power Electronics Capabilities

PSI has design and repair capabilities for high-power electronics that routinely cover 1600 volts and 1000 amps. For more information on PSI’s high-power electronic capabilities, call us.

Need More Help?

To search for a particular repair, check out our Electronics Repair Line Sheet or enter the part/model number, manufacturer, or component type in the search box at the top of the page. And, of course, you can call us at 800-325-4774.


Would you like to save your plant $1,000,000 this year? PSI’s award-winning Repairable Asset Control (RAC®) service offers on-site management of MRO parts and manufacture of obsolete/legacy components.