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Spindle Repair

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PSI Spindle Repair
Spindle Repair Service
Spindle Repair - PSI Repair Services

PSI offers the most extensive spindle repair, rebuild and retrofit service in North America, servicing virtually all makes, models and sizes. We maximize spindle performance to improve productivity and reliability, as well as decrease downtime and maintenance costs. Call us with your repair questions—we've got answers. Contact us now for a quote at 800-325-4774.

Spindle Repair Services and Troubleshooting Include:

  • Balancing and vibration problems
  • Draw bars tested and reconditioned
  • Analyze and test spindle and motor problems
  • Correct taper, pilots, faces and tool connection problems

Spindle Rebuild Services Include:

  • Restore improper fits and sizes to OEM specs
  • Replace or recondition worn parts to OEM specs
  • Reverse engineer and manufacture parts to OEM specs
  • Installation of new bearings and seals
  • Precision balanced and run-in to ensure “like new” performance

Spindle Retrofit Services Include:

  • Seal upgrades to maximize reliability
  • Improved motor technologies to increase power and torque
  • Advanced bearing technologies to increase speed capabilities
  • Exclusive grease technologies to promote lower operating temperatures and increase spindle bearing life
  • Improvements to the tool retention system for better performance and accuracy
  • Spindle monitoring systems for improved control

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