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Case Studies

Since 1967, PSI Repair Services Has Built an Impeccable Reputation for Saving Customers Millions of Dollars by Repairing Critical Industrial and Process Components Versus the High Cost of Replacement. Below are Just a Few Short Examples of How PSI Repair Services Has Helped its Customers Save Money.

Case Studies

Wind Turbine Encoder Repair
Rotor Solution Saves Customer $1.6M on Wind Turbine Encoder Repairs

Wind Turbine Inverter Repairs
PSI Saves Customer $193K on Wind Turbine Inverter Repairs versus the OEM

Wind Turbine Pitch Drive Upgrades
PSI Upgrades Wind Turbine Pitch Drives and Saves Wind Farm $165K

Wind Turbine Pitch Drive Design
PSI resolves a widespread issue of wind turbine pitch drive failures (275 in one year) and saves customer $417k.

Obsolete Vacuum Pump Refurbishment
PSI brings obsolete vacuum pumps back to like-new condition and saves customer $370k

Premature Vacuum Pump Failure
PSI Repair Services resolves issue of ongoing vacuum pump failures and saves customer over $800K annually

PSI to the Rescue
Seismic data acquisition service realizes the cost-saving benefits of choosing PSI Repair Services

Making the Switch to PSI
Oil field equipment manufacturer pumps up cost-savings by selecting PSI Repair

Servo Motor Upgrade
PSI's Engineers developed a solution to absorb excessive vibration that was breaking down servo motors.

Servo Valve Remanufacturing
PSI Repair resolves servo valve failures in seismic vibrator trucks (a.k.a. "thumper trucks")

Component Failures
PSI helps customer save $250k annually by increasing mean time between component failures

Part Design Improvement
PSI improves part design and saves customer $90k

Servo Motor Failures
PSI puts an end to excessive servo motor failures

Stressed Components Found
PSI detects stressed components that were overlooked by a major prime contractor’s in-house test system

TCP Monitor Failure
PSI gets to the root cause of TCP monitor failures


Would you like to save your plant $1,000,000 this year? PSI’s award-winning Repairable Asset Control (RAC®) service offers on-site management of MRO parts and manufacture of obsolete/legacy components.