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Servo Valve Remanufacturing for Thumper Trucks

Case Study: Remanufactured Servo Valves

PSI Engineering Services resolves servo valve failures in seismic vibrator trucks (a.k.a. thumper trucks)

Customer: Leading provider of onshore (U.S.) seismic data acquisition services
Challenge: Seismic thumper trucks are intricate machines, powered by complex hydraulic and mechanical systems. To generate the massive force necessary for a controlled and effective sound blast (for perspective, dynamite used to be the preferred method for this), all equipment must be highly precise and high performing.
Root Cause:

High-intensity vibration exposed the hydraulic servo valves to a variety of problems that led to the corruption of other parts, resulting in equipment failure and downtime.


PSI tested the servo valves on run-in test stands to check performance and determine repair requirements. After disassembling the valves, PSI cleaned all parts ultrasonically in a heated vapor degreaser system, replaced all broken, worn and missing parts, reassembled the valves using new Viton seals, and tested the valves on a dedicated test stand capable of low and high flow testing.

Result: The remanufactured, like-new condition servo valves met and exceeded the same industry specifications for performance as new servo valves, and saved the customer approximately 40% versus the cost of buying new.

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