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Obsolete Vacuum Pump Refurbishment

Case Study: Refurbished Vacuum Pumps

Custom Remanufacturing Solutions Leads to Prime Savings

Overview: PSI Repair Services brings obsolete vacuum pumps back to like-new condition.
Challenge: A customer wanted to extend the life of 5 obsolete vacuum pumps, already operating for over 30 years, and needing major reconditioning to run for the next 30 years.
Solution: As expected, there was significant wear & tear in each unit. Some required complete overhaul and some were even missing components. PSI was able to offer a custom solution for each unit and manufacture parts where needed. Some parts were upgraded to make the units more robust and efficient, and to improve upon the original design.
Results: 74% Cost Savings - PSI Repair Services completed custom solutions for 5 vacuum pumps, remanufacturing each to like-new condition. To retrofit the pumps, the cost would have exceeded $500K -saving the customer at least $370K by remanufacturing them instead.

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Obsolete Vacuum Pump Refurbishment


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