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Wind Turbine Inverter Repair

Case Study: PSI Saves Customer $193K on Wind Turbine Inverter Repairs versus the OEM

Customer discovers PSI and avoids overpaying the OEM for costly wind turbine inverter repairs

Overview: A customer approached PSI for a quote to repair wind turbine inverters.
Root Cause: The cost to repair the inverter through the OEM was stressing their maintenance budget.
Solution: PSI Repair Services evaluated what was required to repair and test these high-power wind turbine inverters.
Results: PSI took over repairing these inverters for the customer and saved them $193,000 in one year.

PSI Repair Wind Turbine Inverter Repair


Would you like to save your plant $1,000,000 this year? PSI’s award-winning Repairable Asset Control (RAC®) service offers on-site management of MRO parts and manufacture of obsolete/legacy components.