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Premature Vacuum Pump Failure

Case Study: Premature Vacuum Pump Failure

Major Tier 1 Auto OEM Has Life of Vacuum Pumps Extended Leading to Big Savings

Overview: PSI Repair Services resolves issue of ongoing vacuum pump failures and saves customer over $800K annually.
Root Cause: PSI was able to determine that the coolant system was not adequate for the application: coolant lines were not adequately spec’ed, an inadequate sealant was used and the oil lines weren’t sufficient for the application.
Solution: PSI determined the premature failures were due to overheating, improper lubrication and vacuum leaks, so they provided the manufacturer with digital photos of the assembly, illustrating and describing the correct installation procedures for coolant and lubrication. To resolve this issue, PSI recommended a cooling system that would extend service life from just 2 months to 3 years.
Result: PSI Repair Services cooling system corrected the leaks with an epoxy solution allowing the vacuum pumps to operate to OEM specifications.

90% Failure Reduction
Cost-savings of approximately $840,000/year.

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Premature Vacuum Pump Failure


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